RegCOPA Registry Editor Features


Any registry key can be bookmarked with the RegCOPA registry editor.  This is great for those registry entries you need to edit time and time again.  Simply locate the registry key in the tree and drag the entry to the bookmarks pane.  See the RegCOPA registry editor bookmarks screen.

My Registry

Have your own registry tree built based on your bookmarks.  Whenever a bookmark is added it will add the the My Registry tree, allowing you to select the entry from either the Bookmarks pane or the My Registry pane. See the RegCOPA registry editor My Registry screen.

Search Results List

When a search is performed the results are presented in a list.  This allows you to switch back and forth between several search results just by double clicking on the entry in the list. You can even perform multiple registry searches at once and use regular expressions in your searches.  Items located by search can be deleted directly from the search results panel relieving you from having to locate them all individually in the registry tree.

Registry Comments

The RegCOPA registry editor extends the windows system registry and allows you to store comments for each entry in your registry.  You may have spent time working out what a specific registry entry does, only to come back months later and completely forgotten.  With the RegCOPA registry editor you can add a comment to that registry entry so next time you see it it will instantly tell you what it is.  Not only are the comments displayed, but you can search on them too.

Web Update

The RegCOPA registry editor can check for updates and download and install them for you.  InterVations provide free updates for registered users.

Registry Snapshots

Want to know what is writing to your registry?  With the RegCOPA registry editor you can create a snapshot of your current registry.  At a later date you can compare your registry to the snapshot, showing you just what has changed over the period of time.  You can even restore values from the snapshot allowing you to recover from inadvertent changes.

.Reg File Editing

Windows .reg files can be opened in a stand alone editor before being imported into the registry.  This gives you the chance to see what data will be imported and modify it if necessary.  Modified .reg files can be saved in either the newer Windows 2000/XP/Vista format or the older Windows9x format.