Why do I need the RegCOPA Registry Editor when every copy of Windows comes with Regedit?

Regedit is a very useful tool.  But if you edit registry entries a lot it will soon become a a tool that drives you crazy.

Every search only turns up one entry.  Need to go back to the previous found result, then you need to restart the entire search.

There is no way to add comments to registry entries.  This would be great if everyone had a photographic memory, but in the real world you forget what entries in your registry do what.  With the RegCOPA registry editor you can document the entries while they are still fresh in your mind.

No way to get to and from regularly used registry entries.  Regedit always seems to open in just the wrong place, a million miles from the registry key you want to be editing today.

For more reasons see the RegCOPA registry editor features page.