RegCOPA Registry Editor - Main Toolbar

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This is displayed near the top of the Main Window. Note that the image above has been customised.

It is actually composed of two parts:

The upper part, which forms the Main Toolbar
The lower part, which is the GoTo bar - typing a registry address and pressing the gobtnbutton takes you to that part of the registry. This section uses autocomplete to assist you.

These can each be shown or hidden from the toolbar context menu (right-click on a blank area of the toolbar).

The size of the buttons can be changed from the Customise menu, as can many other aspects.

NOTE that the toolbar layout is stored in the User area of the registry, and will not be available to other Windows Users who will have their own layout.

Customising the Toolbar

You can achieve a high degree of customisation to suit your own way of working.

Right-click anywhere on the toolbar and select Customise, or select Customise from the View menu.


Custom Toolbars - it is possible to add your own toolbars, and add various buttons.

Once created, the toolbar will be free-floating, but may be dragged anywhere you want, including being added to the main toolbar by dragging and dropping.

The context menu (right-click on a blank area of any toolbar) allows the temporary addition or removal of buttons.


It is possible to add or remove buttons to/from the toolbar - once the form below is open, you can:

Drag buttons off the toolbar
Move buttons around within a toolbar
Add commands from any of the menus onto the toolbar.


A number of options are available for the display of the toolbar, as shown below.


RegCOPA Registry Editor