RegCOPA Registry Editor - Drag and Drop

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The following Drag'n'Drop operations are available:

Values can simply be dragged to another key, and will be moved from the old to the new key.
If a value is dragged to a new key, but once over that key, if the CONTROL key is pressed then the mouse button released, the value will be copied.
A value can be dragged to the Desktop, where it will form a Quickedit Shortcut.
Keys can be dragged to the Desktop (where they will form a Registry Key Shortcut), to your Bookmarks and to My Registry.

Quickedit Shortcut.

This will produce a popup containing the old value and the opportunity to edit it. Once OK is pressed, the value shown here will be substituted for the value in the corresponding key in RegCOPA

Registry Key Shortcut

This will open RegCOPA with the corresponding key selected. Note that if RegCOPA is already running, a new instance will be started, so as not to interfere with work you are doing in the existing instance of RegCOPA.

Shortcut Names

These will include the name of the key or value so that you can have any number you want on the desktop for different keys or values.

However, if you wish to maintain several versions of a value on the desktop, you will need to rename one or more of those there, otherwise a new version will overwrite the existing one.

For instance you may have some software that you wish to switch between different data paths, this path being held in a registry key.

Set this path to one value (eg c:\data\this is the main data directory\), drag this to the desktop and rename it something like "My App's Main Data".

Then set the path to another value (eg d:\data\this is the other data directory\), and drag this to the desktop. You can leave the name as it is, or change it to something like "My App's Other Data".

You could create more of these if for instance you wish to access data (or an initialisation file for instance) in multiple locations.

Storing Shortcuts Elsewhere

Shortcuts don't need to be on the desktop - once created there, you can move them to other directories if you wish.

RegCOPA Registry Editor